We Supply Meal Delivery in Brampton and Tips for Pairing Wine With Your Food

Meal Delivery Brampton

We supply meal delivery in Brampton and menu choices that only use healthy oils in our cooking. Everything on our menu is made fresh from scratch with no preservatives. Healthy Alternative buys only top-quality meat and other products for our meals.

That’s why we decided to make some suggestions and supply some tips for pairing wine with our healthy meal choices.

The Basics for Wine and Meal Delivery In Brampton

For the most part, wine has three different components and tastes, including acidity, sweetness and bitterness in various degrees. You can group wines into one of three different categories, more or less.

  • Sweet wines. Like their namesake, they have a sweet flavour.
  •  Sparkling rose and white wines are more acidic.
  •  If you’re looking for bitterness, always choose a red wine.

Once you identify all the basic tastes in any food you’re eating, you can start pairing with wines.

  • A wine like a chardonnay goes well with any seafood that comes in a rich sauce.
  • Sparkling wines are the right choice when you’re serving salty food.
  •  Bordeaux is an excellent choice with lamb and steak dishes.
  •  If you’re favouring cheese, dry rosé is the wine you should select.

Once you find some complimentary components in the wine, you can get creative and pair some more subtle flavours together. Don’t forget that white wines tend to go better with foods like fish and green veggies. Sparkling wines are an excellent choice for various pallets and foods.

Remember that our meal delivery in Brampton service also delivers to addresses in the GTA and Toronto, including Newmarket, Pickering, Ajax Whitby and various other locations. Our meals come in microwavable containers and are generally heated for up to 2 minutes. If you’d rather heat your food on a stove, we suggest you transfer your gourmet fare to a walk or oven-safe tray.

A team of professional chefs prepares everything that you have delivered. All of the meals we serve and the sauces come from scratch. Everyone who works for Healthy Alternative is fully certified in Ontario food safety preparation.

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